Compliance In Today’s Car Business

Compliance with legislation and rule in today’s car business has become a mandatory requirement. A car manufactured in India is bound to comply with the law and regulations laid down by the government, and certain parts of it are also governed by the manufacturer himself. Manufacturers are liable to provide insurance cover to their customers who buy cars and other vehicles from their company. But one cannot expect a car to function properly without proper conformity to rules and regulations. New laws and regulations are formulated constantly, which makes it essential for business owners to keep pace with the times.

There have been many instances where the law has been cracked down on something that did not even exist twenty years back. Hence, many new laws and regulations have been formulated, making it mandatory for car owners to keep a tab on their vehicle’s engine size, mileage, and registration details. Owners need to inform the authorities if there has been any violation or breach of the law committed by them or by their employees. The new law makes it mandatory for the car to have a tracking device fitted in it. Read here about what is regulatory change management.

It is mandatory for owners to inform the authorities about every four hundred miles that the car is used. This is because each country might have a different law regarding the limit of mileage that a car can be driven. Therefore, it becomes imperative for owners to inform the authorities about mileage used during the last three months, and at the same time, they have to inform about engine size. All new car models are subject to a test before it gets released in the market. Before the car is released in the market, its model, engine capacity, fuel type, etc., are checked by government agencies. These agencies check for compliance with new laws and regulations that come into effect from time to time.

According to the latest survey, a majority of American car owners are ignorant about the fact that their cars are subject to frequent checks by government agencies. This is the reason why most of them do not have a tracker fitted in their cars. Even if they are well informed about the fact that their car needs monitoring, they do not go for installing a tracker. This is one of the reasons why tracking systems are not widely used by Americans. So, it is very important for owners to understand this fact and install a tracker in their cars.

Compliance with the law comes as a natural instinct for all of us. But most of us are unaware of the fact that there are new laws and regulations being imposed regularly, which our companies and individuals are required to comply with. Therefore, it is very important that you get yourself aware of these new laws before using your car. Tracking systems will help you know about the compliance of your car with the new laws.

While some people think that it is easy to comply with the law by installing a tracking device, it is not the case. It requires extensive training and complete knowledge of the legalities involved. Only then will tracking devices help you in compliance with the new regulations.


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