Safety tips of using a lawn mower

A lawn mower is an essential tool for the garden. If you have a garden or lawn in front of your home, it is important you maintain it properly. With the right type of lawn mower, you can take proper care of your lawn. But you need to use it in a proper way. You should know the proper approaches to using it. You should also follow the basic safety rules of using it. No matter which type of lawn mower you are using, without practicing proper safety measures of using it, you might injure yourself. In this article, I am going to discuss some safety measures of using a lawn mower and some maintenance tips.

1) While mowing grass, you will need to wear protective eyewear so that any leaves and pieces of grass won’t go to your eyes.

2) Only the daytime is suitable for lawn mowing. You should never mow grass at night. The best time for mowing is when the grass remains dry. It is easier to cut the grass in dry condition.

3) You need to check for the debris and other particles on the garden before mowing. This called the preparation stage of mowing. Toys, rocks, etc. can’t be seen when they are under the grass. But they can possess serious threat while mowing with them without noticing.

4) When you start mowing, you should keep away your children and pets from the lawn area.

5) If you are operating a riding mower, you should clearly see the front area of your garden. There should not be any obstacle in your way.

6) While operating a lawn mower, make sure all of the wheels are working on the ground and cutting grass properly.

7) If you are operating lawn mower in a flat area, it is easier to operate it. But if you have a lawn in hilly areas full of obstacles, you will need to be very careful while operating it. Using push mower is suitable in the hilly areas. While crossing the sidewalks, you will need to turn off the lawn mower and then pass it.

8) Many people often try to fix the mower height, clean grass catcher, while running the engine. It is very dangerous for any mowing activities. You should never do this while running the engine to avoid possible injury.

9) If you are using any safety devices while mowing the lawn area, you should not de-activate it while mowing your lawn area.

10) Every lawn mower comes with a safety manual with a lot of safety instructions. Before starting mowing, you should go through all of these safety measures properly and follow them.
So, these are few safety measures you will need to maintain to avoid injuries during lawn mowing. For more details, you can visit


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